2022 Centre

The 2022 edition of the Centre will focus on Climate Change and the Testing of International Law. It will take place in The Hague from 22 August to 9 September 2022. The Directors of Research are Prof. Jacqueline Peel (University of Melbourne Law School) and Prof. Sandrine Maljean-Dubois (Aix-Marseille University). The participants have already been selected and individual topics have been assigned to each of them by the Directors.

The allocated topics and corresponding researchers are the following:

English-speaking section

  1. Indigenous peoples and IAHR system – Juan Gabriel Auz Vaca 
  2. Carbon markets and article 6 of the Paris Agreement – Ling Chen
  3. The role of domestic courts in implementing international climate law –Esmeralda Colombo
  4. Human rights, climate change and migration – Marie Courtoy
  5. Climate change and investment laws – Carlo De Stefano
  6. Climate change and international peace and security – Anne Dienelt
  7. Transparency and compliance with the Paris Agreement – Ellycia Harrould-Kolieb
  8. Climate change and international biodiversity law – Maša Kovič Dine 
  9. International law and geoengineering – Youngjoo Lee
  10. Climate change and state responsibility – Niklas Reetz
  11. Climate change and law of the sea – Carlos Soria Rodríguez  

French-speaking section

  1. Les obligations de diligence en matière de protection de l’atmosphère –Manuel Baena Pedrosa
  2. La réparation des dommages causés par les changements climatiques – Tierowe Germain Dabire
  3. Hard et soft law: les sources du droit international au défi du changement climatique – Hélène De Pooter
  4. Les acteurs non étatiques et la gouvernance internationale du climat – Hana Drif
  5. La disparition annoncée des petits États insulaires – Jean-Baptiste Dudant
  6. Changements climatiques et réponses équitables en droit international – Franck Elong Elong Mboule
  7. Science, expertise et droit international en matière de changement climatique – Marion Lemoine
  8. Droit international du climat et droit international de l’ozone – Claire Malwé
  9. Changements climatiques et droit international des catastrophes – Chiara Parisi
  10. L’ambition de/dans l’Accord de Paris – Camila Perruso
  11. Changements climatiques et financements internationaux – Aurore Vernhes
  12. Changements climatiques et droit international du commerce – Sophie Grosbon