Partner Institutions

The Academy has the privilege of being located in close proximity to the International Court of Justice and other international courts and tribunals, the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the Hague Conference on Private International Law. The members of these different institutions traditionally enrich the programmes of the Academy by giving lectures and by receiving and exchanging views with students.

Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace
The Carnegie Foundation is the managing authority of the Peace Palace and as such it hosts several international legal institutions, among which the Academy. Its Governing Board also constitutes the Administrative Board of the Academy and is tasked with financial and logistical matters.

Peace Palace Library
The Peace Palace Library houses one of the world’s largest collections in the field of international law. The Grotius Collection constitutes one of its most famous assets. All participants to the Academy’s activities automatically benefit of its services.

City of The Hague
The City of Peace and Justice contributes to make Academy attendees’ stay an enriching intellectual, cultural and touristic experience.

Brill Publishers
Brill distributes the Collected Courses and other publications of the Academy, which can be ordered directly through their website.

 Codification Division, United Nations Office of Legal Affairs
The Codification Division of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs is responsible for the implementation of the the International Law Fellowship Programme, which is conducted in conjunction with the Summer Courses of the Academy.

The International Academy of Comparative Law
For several years now, the Academy has been offering a special intensive course on comparative law to the attendees of the Summer Courses on Private International Law thanks to the generous support of the International Academy of Comparative Law.