The Hague Academy of International Law

Scholarship Sponsors

The sponsors mentioned below generously allocate scholarships to the Academy allowing selected beneficiaries to attend the Summer and/or Winter Courses.




  • G. Bastid-Burdeau (Paris, France) - Scholarship in memory of J. Basdevant 
  • B. and C. Bot (The Hague, Netherlands)
  • Ch. N. Brower (London, United Kingdom)
  • Dame R. Higgins (The Hague, Netherlands)
  • P. J. Kuijper (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Scholarships in memory of Prof. van Panhuys
  • L. Malintoppi (Italy) - Scholarship in memory of  A. Malintoppi
  • E. Rodríguez Veltzé (La Paz, Bolivia)
  • B. Roth (France) - Scholarship in memory of E. Frankenstein

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