The Hague Academy of International Law

Seminar for Advanced Studies

Ever since its creation in 1923, The Hague Academy of International Law has become one of the most renowned academic institutions in Europe, conducting high-level education and dissemination of knowledge with research in all fields of international law. In 2004 the Academy launched a new programme of advanced studies devoted to various aspects of public and private international law, aimed especially at legal professionals who are already familiar with international law and whose professional interest or intellectual curiosity brings to seek further professional training in this area.

In today's era of globalization and interdependence a thorough knowledge of international law is becoming more and more essential. Therefore the new programme has been designed to provide a flexible framework for advanced study in this branch of law. At the same time the seminar shall seek to endow the Academy's guiding principles with substance and depth: to teach international law as a way to improve the possibilities for peace and international cooperation, providing individuals who are particularly sensitive to the development and use of international law with high-level training in the field.
The Seminar for Advanced Studies in Public and Private International Law is of particular interest to civil servants, lawyers, legal advisers or participants wishing to pursue a career in foreign affairs departments in national institutions, the administration of justice or police administration. Practitioners in the private sector, e.g. internationally operating business enterprises as well as diplomats, engineers, business economists, law officers or journalists will also benefit from the programme.
The programme is addressed to practitioners with a legal education including basic training in international law. However, applications by participants trained in subjects other than law, like international relations or economics, may also be considered, provided that they have become familiar with the general principles of international law through their professional experience.
Each year a new subject is chosen. The aim is to offer courses that deal with international legal problems of current relevance. To date the Academy has offered the following seminars:

2005: Recurring and Current Questions of International Law
2006: The Interaction between the Legal Orders
2007: International Security Law: The Fight against International Crimes, Terrorism and Organized Crime.
2008: International Protection of Cultural Property
2009: The Protection of the Child in International Law
2010: Challenges in International Criminal Law
2011: Security in the International Law of the Sea
2012: Responding to the Challenges of Natural and Industrial Catastrophes -
New Directions for International Law
2013: Les immunités en droit international public et privé


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