The Hague Academy of International Law

United Nations International Law Fellowship Programme

The six-week International Law Fellowship Programme is conducted in conjunction with the Summer Programme of The Hague Academy of International Law. Fellows attend courses in public international law at The Hague Academy of International Law and participate in lectures and seminars organized by the Codification Division. To apply please visit the website

The Fellowship Programme falls within the scope of activities of The Codification Division of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, which is responsible for the implementation of the Programme of Assistance. The United Nations Programme of Assistance in the Teaching, Study, Dissemination and Wider Appreciation of International Law was established by General Assembly resolution 2099 (XX) of 20 December 1965 to contribute to a better knowledge of international law "as a means for strengthening international peace and security and promoting friendly relations and co-operation among States". It is one of the cornerstones of the efforts of the United Nations to promote a better understanding of international law and the work of the United Nations in this field.

Under the Programme, the Codification Division conducts international law training programmes designed to enable qualified persons, in particular, mid-level government legal officers and young teachers of international law from developing countries, and countries with emerging economies, to deepen their knowledge of international law. The training programmes include the annual United Nations International Law Fellowship Programme in The Hague and Regional Courses in International Law for Africa, Asia and the Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Codification Division also maintains the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law, a virtual training and research centre in international law.

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