Centre for Studies and Research

  • Topic: Artificial Intelligence and International Law
  • 18 August - 5 September 2025

The Centre for Studies and Research

Introducing the Centre

As soon as the Summer Courses end, the Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations starts. Established in 1957, the Centre addresses a different topic of international law each year, chosen by the Curatorium. It brings together a group of 12 English-speaking and a group of 12 French-speaking researchers for a period of three weeks, who individually cover a particular aspect of the topic under the guidance of two professors. A joint research project is thus carried out, from which the best contributions are published in the Academy’s Centre book series. 

Through this programme, the Academy aims to make an additional contribution to the study of international law. Taking part in the Centre provides participants with the opportunity to contribute to an in-depth legal analysis of topics that have caught the attention of the international community, and to add a prestigious publication to their names – something that is particularly relevant for those who (intend to) pursue an academic career.