About the Publications

The Academy publishes the following books, which are distributed by Brill Publishers:

The Collected Courses and the Pocketbooks Series

Since 1923, all the courses delivered at the Academy have, in principle, been published in English or French in the Collected Courses of The Hague Academy of International Law. More than 410 volumes have been published to date.

In addition to the printed version, the complete collection also exists in electronic form.

Since 2008, some of the courses published in the Collected Courses series have also been published as pocketbooks, also available as e-books, at a reduced price, in order to make them accessible to a wider public and, in particular, to students.

The Monographs series, contains updated and re-edited versions of some courses previously published in the Collected Courses series.

The Work of the Centre for Studies and Research
Since the year 2000, the work of the Centre has been compiled in a comprehensive publication comprising both the reports of the two Directors of Research, and the best articles produced by the young researchers participating in it, elaborated under their direction. These texts are presented according to the scientific logic of the plan that guided the work, providing a series of studies on the overall subject with an organised link.

They bring together, within the framework of a small focus group, different specialists on the topic under study. Their main purpose, in addition to bringing together academics, diplomats and practitioners with a common interest and competence on a given theme, is to give rise to a scientific publication, in the collection of “Colloquia of the Academy”. They have covered a great variety of topics.

Special Editions
This collection contains works on various topics of international law as well as French or English translations of courses that have been previously published in the other language in the Collected Courses series.