Winter Courses

  • Next session: 10 - 28 January 2022
  • Online only
  • Registration period for online session: 15 October 2021 - 2 January 2022
  • Lectures by renowned academics and practitioners

The Winter Courses


The Winter Courses are a relatively new programme and have been offered since 2019. They are organized in the exact same manner as the Academy’s famous Summer Courses. The only difference is that they last 3 weeks in total and focus on both public and private international law. As of January 2022 the Winter Courses will be offered both on-site and online.

NB: due to the current sanitary situation in The Netherlands, the 2022 Winter Courses will be held exclusively online.

The Winter Courses are designed for students and practitioners who have a prior grounding in public or private international law. The courses are given in English or French and are simultaneously translated into the other language.

Each Winter Courses session consists of a General Course which lasts the full three weeks, Special Courses of one week each (broaching six different topics in total), which can be followed on-site and online, and afternoon seminars and guest lectures, which can only be followed on-site. All courses and lectures are given by renowned academics, practitioners and diplomats from various institutions around the world.

Since opening its doors in 1923, thousands of students from over 100 different nationalities have been able to attend the Academy’s yearly Summer Courses. Since 2019 they can also attend its Winter Courses. Many alumni, having thus had the opportunity to meet “great names” in the field of international law, have subsequently gone on to become themselves well-known academics, legal practitioners or diplomats, among other occupations.

After having been dispensed, the courses are subsequently published in the Collected Courses book series, of which there are currently over 410 volumes, ranking among the most important encyclopedic publications on public and private international law.