External Programme

  • Open to highly qualified young civil servants and academics
  • No registration fee

The External Programme

Introducing the External Programme

At the end of the 1960s, the Academy set up a  regional External Programme which generally takes place annually and on a rotating basis in Africa, Asia or Latin America, upon the invitation of a foreign government or an international organization. This intensive programme has a duration of seven full days. It is a means not only of developing knowledge on aspects of international law that are of particular interest to the region, but also, by the way in which it is organized, of furthering exchanges between attendees from the countries in the area. 

The teaching is highly interactive and aims to promote dialogue and discussion; two aspects that are further encouraged during the more informal lectures, meetings, visits and meals that are also part of the schedule. The External Programme brings together a number of nationals of the host State and approximately 20 attendees from other countries in the region. Since the beginning, hundreds of lecturers and more than 1500 participants from Africa, Asia and Latin America have attended the sessions. Registration for this programme is free of charge.

In 2024, the External Programme was organised in English and Spanish. 

The core 2024 programme of courses can be found via the following link.