Scholarship Sponsors

The sponsors mentioned below generously allocate scholarships to the Academy allowing selected beneficiaries to attend the Summer or Winter Courses. All of our sponsors are regularly acknowledged in our annual reports.



Private persons:

  • P. Akhavan (Iran)
  • G. Bastid-Burdeau (France) – Scholarship in memory of Jules Basdevant 
  • B. and C. Bot (Netherlands)
  • C. N. Brower (United States)
  • M. T. De Jesus Infante Caffi (Chile)
  • G. Chatzitheodorou (Greece)
  • D. P. Fernández Arroyo (Argentina) – Scholarships in memory of Julio A. Barberis and Tatiana B. de Maekelt
  • S. Forch (Germany) – Scholarships in memory of Wolfgang Friedmann and Manfred Lachs 
  • Dame R. Higgins (United Kingdom)
  • L. Malintoppi (Italy) – Scholarship in memory of Antonio and Paola Malintoppi
  • M. Oyarzábal (Argentina) – Scholarship in memory of Hugo Caminos
  • B. Roth (France) – Scholarship in memory of Ernst Frankenstein
  • P. J. Kuijper (Netherlands) – Scholarships in memory of Hajo Frederik van Panhuys
  • S. C. Symeonides (Cyprus)
  • D. Turp (Canada)
  • E. Veltzé (Bolivia)