Application Guidelines – Day of Crisis


  • One team member fills out the registration form to officially register the team. He or she must attach the documents specified under point 2 below, as well as the documents specified under point 3 for himself or herself;
  • The other members register subsequently by joining the team created by the first member. They only need to prepare the documents specified under point 3;
  • The team e-mail address provided at the time of registration will be used for all correspondence with the Academy. Team members should ensure that this address is active and check it regularly;
  • Incomplete registration forms will not be treated;
  • Apply ONLINE only. Do not send hard copies of the application or any other documents by e-mail or regular mail; these will not be considered;
  • The documents to upload when registering should be in PDF format, except for the identity photograph (.jpeg only);
  • If you experience problems completing the registration, please try changing your web browser.


1. Please consult the eligibility criteria in the Rules of the competition:;

2. Documents and information required to register a team

  • E-mail address of the team;
  • Name of the team;
  • Team size;
  • A certificate of your university attesting that the team represents the university, dated and signed by an academic representative of the institution;
  • Letter of motivation of the team;
  • Letter of recommendation for the team.

3. Documents required for the registration of each individual team member

  • A copy of your valid passport or ID;
  • An identity photograph;
  • A curriculum vitae ;
  • A copy of proof of enrolment at your university for the current academic year.