The Hague Academy of International Law

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Diploma

    • Can I sit for the Diploma exam if I don’t attend the Summer or Winter Courses?

      No. Only registered attendees of the Summer or Winter Courses that followed the Directed Studies sessions may be eligible to sit for the Diploma exam.
      Please refer to the Regulations page.
    • Can I attend the Directed Studies if I don’t sit for the Diploma exam?

      Yes. The Directed Studies are first and foremost intended for candidates to the Diploma examination.

      However, they are also open to a limited number of attendees who are already highly specialized in international law but who wish to improve their knowledge and methodology.  In the interest of effective teaching, only a limited number of places is available for the Directed Studies sessions.

      Candidates who are interested in following the Directed Studies should apply before January 31st for the Summer session and before August 31st for the Winter session.

      To the extent of the places available, it may be possible for candidates who failed to apply within the above deadlines to be allowed, with the agreement of the Secretary-General, to attend the Directed Studies sessions and, if applicable, to sit for the Diploma exam.

      All attendees allowed to the Directed Studies must undergo a short test (mock exam - please refer to the Directed Studies page).

  • Languages

    • What are the language requirements for participating in the Summer or Winter Courses?

      It is indispensable that you have a good working knowledge of either English or French in order to be able to follow the courses. You are not required to provide us with official language proficiency certificates when applying.

    • Are the lectures simultaneously translated?

      All lectures and seminars are simultaneously translated into either French or English.

  • Online registration

    • I applied online, but I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail

      Please verify whether the e-mail ended up in your spam box. If you didn't receive a confirmation e-mail, your registration probably wasn't received by the Academy and you are requested to register once more.

      Please avoid using business or academic e-mail addresses to which you won’t have access during the months preceding the courses.


    • I haven’t yet obtained my degree; what should I send with my application?

      You should upload a transcript of the marks you have already obtained in international law or a document from your academic institution certifying that you are registered as a student and specifying for which degree course. Please also indicate when you are expected to obtain your degree.

      The documents should demonstrate that you have completed at least four years of university studies including some international law courses or three years of law studies (preferably including courses on international law).


    • Can I make my own translation of documents that are not in English or French?

      Yes. You can make your own translation of required documents into one of the two languages of the Academy (English or French), as long as you add a sworn statement to each document translated, certifying the accuracy of your translation (on the document itself or on a separate sheet of paper, by indicating the date and place of signature, your name and by adding your signature).

    • Should the copies of transcripts be certified (apostille or legalisation)?

      No. You can send photocopies of your transcripts accompanied by a sworn statement on your honour and signed by you, attesting to the conformity of the copies to the originals.


  • Payment

    • What does the registration fee cover?

      The registration fee covers the registration itself as well as access to course materials.

      The fee does NOT cover :
      - accommodation
      - meals
      - travel expenses to and from The Hague, as well as transportation in The Hague

      The registration fee for the Summer session is:

      • €1100,-. for one period (i.e. Public or Private International Law)
      • €2000,-. for both periods  (i.e. both Public and Private International Law)

      The registration fee for the Winter session is:

      • Early Bird: 1100 Euro (for applicants registering between January 3rd and April 30th)
      • 1250 Euro (for applicants registering between May 1st and August 31st)
  • Scholarships

    • Can I apply online on a full fee basis AND apply for a scholarship?

      No! You must choose one or the other type of application. If you make two applications for the same period of courses, both at the full fee and for a scholarship, we will disregard the full fee application and only consider the scholarship application.

    • Can I apply at the same time for a scholarship for the Summer and Winter Courses?

      No! It is not possible to apply for both, a scholarship for the Summer as well as for the Winter Courses. You must choose one or the other scholarship application. In case we receive two scholarship applications, we will only keep the earliest application you submitted, either for the Summer or Winter period. In any case, applicants can only be awarded a scholarship once, either for the Summer Courses or for the Winter Courses.

    • Can I apply online for a scholarship for the Summer Courses and on a full fee basis for the Winter Courses or vice versa?

      You can apply for a scholarship for the Summer Courses and register on a full fee basis for the Winter Courses or you can register on a full fee basis for the Summer Courses and apply for a scholarship for the Winter Courses.

    • Should the letter of motivation focus on the courses or on the scholarship?

      Your letter must indicate all the reasons upon which you base your application for a scholarship. Scholarships are not awarded on the basis of financial criteria but on the basis of academic merit.


    • If I intend to apply for a scholarship and for the Directed Studies, can I use the same letters of motivation and recommendation for both applications or should the letters be different depending on the application?

      Yes, you can use the same letter however clearly indicate your reasons for applying for the scholarship on the one hand as well as your motivation to participate in the Directed Studies on the other.

      Similarly, you can use the same letter of recommendation from a professor for both applications.

    • If I’m not awarded a scholarship, will I nevertheless be admitted to the courses at the full fee, even if the deadline for applications has expired?

      The results of the scholarship selection will be communicated to applicants by email in April (for the Summer period) and in October (for the Winter period) at the latest. We reserve a limited amount of places at the full fee for unsuccessful scholarship applicants, who will be invited to apply for them. The reserved places will be offered in accordance with the date of receipt of the application (first come first served).

    • I sent my application, when will I know if I was awarded a scholarship?

      Summer session: You will be informed about the results of the scholarship selection by e-mail in April at the latest.

      Winter session: You will be informed about the results of the scholarship selection by e-mail in October at the latest.

    • I was granted a scholarship in the past and attended the Academy; can I apply for a scholarship again?

      You can't be granted a scholarship for the courses, either Summer or Winter, twice (e.g. you obtained a scholarship for the Public International Law period of the Summer Courses; no new scholarship to attend the Summer Courses can be allocated to you in the future,  neither for the Public International Law period nor for the Private International Law period, nor for the Winter Courses. Or you obtained a scholarship for the Winter Courses; no future scholarship to attend the Summer Courses will be granted). However, you can be granted a scholarship again to participate in a different programme (e.g. you obtained a scholarship to attend the Summer or Winter Courses one year and you apply for a scholarship to participate in the Centre for Studies and Research another year).

  • Summer Courses - Winter Courses - Practical information

    • Is there a dress code at the Academy?

      There is no official dress code during the courses at the Academy but a decent standard of dress is required nevertheless.

      Business attire or tenue de ville is required for the reception hosted by the Mayor of The Hague and for embassy visits.

    • Are there any social events organized?

      The Academy organizes social activities (a reception at the Municipality of The Hague, a beach party and other events), visits to institutions based in The Hague as well as special lectures from practitioners in the field of international law. Foreign embassies in The Hague are also approached to invite the Academy's attendees and explain the role of an ambassador and the activities of an embassy to them. 

      Attendees should be aware of the fact that it's not possible to participate in all activities and that therefore they will have to select a few.



    • Will I be allowed to use the Peace Palace Library?

      Attendees of the Academy have full access to the Peace Palace Library and are strongly encouraged to use it. The access badge, which is issued to you on the first day of the courses, includes a barcode allowing you to borrow books. Information about the library can be found on


    • Should I have health insurance?

      Health insurance coverage is mandatory and will be verified. If you're not covered for your stay, you will need to purchase a temporary insurance policy on the first day of the courses for 50 Euros. European citizens are invited to check with their insurer if they have the European Health Insurance Card.

    • When is it best to arrive at The Hague?

      We recommend that you arrive in The Hague the day before the courses start, which will give you time to settle in. You can leave on the afternoon of the last day of the courses.


  • The courses

    • What document is issued by the Academy at the end of the courses?

      At the end of each period and if you regularly attended all the courses, you will receive a certificate of attendance signed by the Secretary-General.

      This certificate should not be confused with the Diploma of the Academy, which is a high level diploma, awarded after a very selective examination, which is open only to a few attendees among those admitted to the Directed Studies sessions.

  • Visa

    • To obtain a visa, I need an official invitation letter from the Academy, on headed paper, stamped and signed.

      After receipt of your payment of the registration fees, the Academy will send you an official letter of admission in PDF format. You can print this letter and show it to Dutch consular authorities, who as a rule accept these print-outs.

      If you need to provide an address in The Hague and have used the services of the Skotel or Mrs. Oomen's Legal Lodging agency, they will provide you with the required information upon your request.

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