The Hague Academy of International Law

Directed Studies and Diploma

The Hague Academy awards a high-level diploma to students with a proven advanced knowledge of the field, and who pass an examination in either public or private international law. In light of the extremely selective nature of the examination, the Diploma is generally issued to only one or two candidates per period. Application for the Diploma examination is exclusively open to students who are registered for the upcoming summer session.

Directed Studies (in English or French) are organized upon selection for:

- attendees wanting to take the Diploma examination;

- other advanced attendees, who don't intend to sit the Diploma examination but who do wish to deepen their knowledge.

The Directed Studies sessions consist of interactive two-hour seminars, twice a week. The Directors of Studies will primarily address legal aspects of the most significant current international issues.


Selection of candidates for the Directed Studies:

Since the number of places is limited, candidates are admitted on the basis of their academic level and merit. Applications are assessed by the Secretary-General on behalf of the Curatorium of the Academy. Before the opening of the session he draws up a provisional list of admissible candidates. The final list of selected participants is established by the Secretary-General and the Directors of Studies on the basis of the results of a short mock exam, taking place on the first day of the course period. Participation in the mock exam is mandatory for all candidates.

Selection of candidates for the Diploma examination:

Before the opening of the session the Secretary-General, on behalf of the Curatorium of the Academy, draws up a provisional list of candidates that may sit the examination. The final list is established by the Secretary-General and the Directors of Studies based on the results of the mock exam and taking into consideration accomplished assignments and the participation of individual candidates in the seminars.

Organization of the Diploma examination:

Candidates sit the written and oral parts of the examination either in English or French (at their preference), in accordance with the conditions laid down by the Regulations.

The examination takes place during the last week of each period of the session (Public International Law and Private International Law).

The President and the members of the Jury award the Diploma and a medal to the graduates at the and of the last lecture of the period in the Auditorium of the Academy Building.

The deadline for applications to the Directed Studies and/or for the Diploma are January 31st (Public International Law) and January 31st  (Private International Law), 2018, 23:59 hrs., The Hague time (GMT+1).


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