The Diploma Exam

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The Diploma Exam focuses either on public or private international law. The Academy does not provide a programme of revision to prepare for the Exam. Candidates are expected to prepare by reading, among other works,  General Courses and Special Courses given at the Academy and published in the Collected Courses series. During the Exam they are expected to be able, both orally and in writing, to develop a sound reasoning on any type of issue relating to the chosen field; either public or private international law.

NB: In light of the extremely selective and high-level nature of this examination, the Diploma is generally issued to only one or two attendees per session.

Selection of candidates for the Diploma Exam:
The list of selected candidates for the Diploma Exam is drawn up during the session by the Secretary-General in consultation with the Directors of Studies and is announced at the beginning of the third week of the courses. The selection is based on an evaluation of the level of the candidates, and primarily on the quality of their participation in the seminars.

Organization of the Diploma Exam:
The Diploma Exam takes place during the third week of each session of  courses. The Jury that assesses the candidates is generally composed of the Secretary-General, who acts as President of the Jury, the professor delivering the General Course during the session and the two Directors of Studies.

Admitted candidates are required to sit for a 5-hour Written Exam on the Tuesday of the last week. On the following Thursday, the Jury announces the candidate(s) who passed the written exam and who consequently may sit for the oral part of the Exam. The Oral Exam takes place immediately after this and lasts approximately an hour per candidate.

Candidates sit the written and oral parts of the Exam either in English or French (at their preference), in accordance with the conditions laid down by the Diploma Exam Regulations. The President and the members of the Jury award the Diploma and a medal to the graduates on Friday, at the end of the last lecture of the session, in the Auditorium of the Academy Building.