2022 Online Summer Courses

Considering the success of the online editions of the 2021 Winter and Summer Courses, the 2022 Summer Courses, which will take place in person at the Academy, will be offered online as well. 

The Public International Law session will be held between 11 and 29 July 2022, and the Private International Law session between 1 and 19 August 2022. The Academy will offer registered attendees the opportunity to follow the courses in webinar format through the Zoom software application and Vimeo.

Consult the poster of the 2022 Online Summer Courses here.


Only the morning courses will be offered online. These are in the form of lectures in English or French, with simultaneous translation into the other language. Attendees will have access in advance to an e-learning environment allowing them to benefit the most from the courses.

The afternoon programme, including seminars, guest lectures, the Directed Studies sessions and doctoral networking meetings, aimed at stimulating interaction between attendees, professors and other invited personalities, as well as among attendees themselves, will not be offered for practical reasons relating to the specificity of what constitutes a full session in The Hague, which simply cannot be reproduced online but has to be experienced personally.

The programme consists of a General Course and a series of Special Courses. For an explanation of the difference between the General Course and the Special Courses click here. Attendees will be able to follow three lectures of 50 minutes each per day from Monday to Friday throughout the three weeks of the Public International Law or the Private International Law session, or throughout both sessions.


Live broadcast – 09:20 hrs. – The Hague time (GMT +2).

  • 09:20 – 10:10: Special Course
  • 10:30 – 11:20: Special Course
  • 11:40 – 12:30: General Course (Public International Law session and 2nd and 3rd weeks of the Private International Law session; Special lectures in tribute to Professor Emmanuel Gaillard will be offered during the 1st week of the Private International Law session)

N.B.: The first and the last day of the courses will start later and include a few extra videos, such as the Opening and Closing Speech of the Secretary-General, and will therefore be somewhat longer.

The daily lecture sessions are offered in blocks and include breaks. Each daily session can be followed by registered attendees either live on Zoom at The Hague local time, or at any other time on Vimeo, for the duration of three weeks after their initial broadcast

This means that an attendee who is in a vastly different time zone from The Hague will, for example, be able to view the lectures of Monday, July 11th (Public International Law) or August 1st (Private International Law), at any time of his/her preference until August  1st or 22nd, respectively, and so on.


Registration is open to all interested applicants. As the number of places is unlimited, the Academy will not proceed to make any selection.

Registration fee: €450 for one session; €800 for both sessions.

Methods of payment:

There are no Academy scholarships available.

Upon receipt of the payment, the registration for the courses will be automatically confirmed. A few days before the start of each session, registered attendees will receive individual login details for Zoom, allowing them to access the online sessions.

NB: the registration fee is neither refundable nor transferable to another person. No certificate of attendance will be delivered upon completion of the courses. Instead, each attendee will receive an electronic certificate of enrolment at the end of the session.

Access the registration form here.


An e-learning environment with readings recommended by the professors will be available from June to all registered attendees. The recommended readings can be consulted and downloaded as soon as they appear on the environment, which is accessible via each attendee’s personal Academy profile. Power Point presentations used by some professors can be added at the beginning or end of the courses, according to their specific instructions.

The links enabling attendees to watch the courses again will be made available on the e-learning environment at the end of each course day. This means that each course day, representing a block of approximately 3-4 hours, will be accessible via Vimeo in English and French. The password provided together with the link in the e-learning environment will need to be inserted to access the re-runs.

The blocks of courses will be available on Vimeo for the duration of three weeks after their initial broadcast, after which they will be taken offline


It will be indispensable to ensure that you have a good Internet connection at your viewing location, as well as speakers on your computer in order to be able to follow the 2022 Online Summer Courses.

The following link will allow you to download Zoom and test your technical set-up. All you need to do is test your speakers, as your microphone and webcam will not be needed during the webinars: https://zoom.us/test.