Accommodation in Winter

The Academy is not responsible for providing, nor provides accommodation to attendees. To help you to find a convenient place to stay, we can provide the following information:

The Legal Lodging agency run by Mrs. Merula Oomen offers attendees of the Winter Courses single rooms with a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom with host families, for €30 per person per room per night. If you are interested, select “Yes, please put me in touch with Legal Lodging” in your registration form under “Accommodation”. Interested attendees will be contacted by Mrs. Oomen after having received their official admission letter to the Winter Courses. Payment should be made upon arrival, directly to the host family.


Attendees are advised to arrive on the day preceding the beginning of the courses. If you need a visa, it is your own responsibility to obtain proof of accommodation to be submitted to the competent Visa authorities (via Mrs. Oomen or a third party).

The Academy requires no payment for accommodation and is not responsible for the success of the transaction between an attendee and accommodation providers. The Academy also is not liable for cases of non-payment, the quality of the service provided, cancellations or any other difficulties arising between the attendee and said accommodation providers.