Advanced Course on International Criminal Law

  • Currently being redeveloped
  • Targeted at practitioners and scholars
  • Taught by high level experts in the field

Advanced Course on International Criminal Law

Introducing the Advanced Course on International Criminal Law

This programme, created in 2015, aims to help participants better understand the theory and the practice of international criminal law, through an in-depth study of the themes that shape this particular field. The programme is mainly intended for professionals, practitioners seeking to deepen their knowledge or to discover a new area of practice, and for high-level researchers. Its purpose is therefore to deal with contemporary problems, but without forgetting to put into perspective more specific issues that must be addressed. The Academy asks prominent experts in the field to dispense the courses and to supplement them with practical exercises. Participants are expected to have a good prior knowledge of the field to be able to take full advantage of the course. Since its beginning the course has been organized each year with a different special focus: Gender Justice in 2015, International Criminal Justice, Migration and Human Trafficking in 2016, International Law and Economic Crime in 2017 and International Criminal Law in an Age of Innovation: New Technologies and Changing Enforcement Strategies in 2018. Around 40 participants thus meet for about a week at the Academy for a very full and interactive programme specially organized for them, consisting of seminars, lectures, meetings and visits to institutions.

The programme is currently being redeveloped. Future editions will be announced here.