Regulations of the Centre

Article 1

The Centre is open only to high-level academics or lawyers. Applications are open only to those persons who hold advanced university degrees (a doctorate degree or the Academy’s Diploma) or to those who provide evidence of their actual involvement, for at least three years, in international legal matters. Candidates must have real practical experience and a proven ability to undertake research.

Article 2

Accepted participants should endeavor to:

  • Carry out research of a qualitatively high academic standard;
  • Foster fruitful exchanges among each other, under the guidance of the Directors of Research.

Article 3

The Director of Research assigns each participant with a sub-topic relating to the overarching theme. Each participant is expected to subsequently produce a paper, which must be sent to the Director of Research for review within a set deadline. Only the best contributions will be published.

Article 4

The uninterrupted presence of participants at the Academy in The Hague will be monitored.