Scholarship Regulations (Summer and Winter Courses)

Article 1
Each year the Academy operates a programme whereby scholarships are awarded on the basis of scientific criteria.

Article 2
Scholarship holders must undertake to strictly comply with the Scholarship Regulations.

Article 3
The Secretary-General, on behalf of the Curatorium, draws up the list of beneficiaries. The Secretary-General is in no event bound by any recommendations addressed to him.

Article 4
Candidates are notified of the decision in due time.

Article 5
Scholarship holders are paid either directly by the donor or by the Academy at the beginning of each session of the Summer Courses or at the beginning of the Winter Courses.

Article 6
Scholarship holders are required to attend the Academy’s courses throughout the session the scholarship was allocated for.

Article 7
Any failure by the scholarship holder to comply with the obligations laid down by these Regulations shall result in the cancellation of the scholarship; furthermore, the Academy reserves the right to require the reimbursement of any amounts already paid to the recipient.

Article 8
The same person can’t be awarded a scholarship more than once.