Selection Criteria for the Directed Studies

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During the entire 3 weeks of the courses, the Academy offers extra afternoon seminars to selected attendees with a proven advanced knowledge of the field, the so-called Directed Studies sessions. These seminars take place twice a week under the guidance of a Francophone Director of Studies for the Francophone section (and an Anglophone Director of Studies for the Anglophone section). Each Directed Studies seminar lasts 2 hours and is meant to be interactive.

Admitted participants are expected to study recommended readings indicated by the Directors in advance of each session. In the seminars, the Directors of Studies will primarily address legal aspects of the most significant international issues as well as questions of research methodology.

A limited number of participants to the Directed Studies may furthermore be selected by each Director to sit the Academy’s famous Diploma Exam during the third week of the courses.

The most advanced students and young professionals who have been admitted to the upcoming session of courses can apply to participate in the Directed Studies (in English or French) if they:

  • wish to deepen their knowledge but don’t intend to sit for the Diploma Exam;
  • feel ready and are planning to sit for the Diploma Exam.

Selection of candidates for the Directed Studies:
Interested candidates can apply for the Directed Studies by filling out the online registration form for the courses (both the full-fee and the scholarship forms contain a field allowing you to apply for the Directed Studies). Since the number of places in the Directed Studies sessions is limited, candidates are admitted on the basis of their academic level and merit.

NB: Only advanced attendees, such as PhD candidates or young legal professionals with a number of years of relevant work experience can be admitted as participants!

Applications are assessed by the Secretary-General on behalf of the Curatorium. A few months before the opening of the session he draws up a list of admitted candidates. Each applicant is notified of the outcome of his or her application.

Admitted participants must sit a mock exam on the first day of the session. The exam will allow the Directors of Studies to assess the level of knowledge of each individual participant. The Academy doesn’t prescribe any recommended readings to prepare for the mock exam, as it is meant to test the participants’ general knowledge of either public or private international law. As a general rule, each participant is expected to prepare for the Directed Studies sessions ahead of the start of the courses as he or she sees fit.