The Peace Palace Library


The Peace Palace Library is an indispensable tool for attendees of the Academy’s programmes. The library owns one of the largest existing collections of works devoted to public and private international law, which is made accessible to attendees throughout their stay by providing them (online) membership. For all intents and purposes, during the Winter and the Summer Courses, the Peace Palace Library functions as The Hague Academy’s library. Most importantly, the library supplies the attendees with bibliographies and reading materials recommended by the professors invited to dispense the courses on the Academy’s e-learning platform. Registered attendees thereby have a personalized access to relevant legal literature and full text documentation, allowing them to prepare for the sessions well in advance. 

The library also supports the work of the Centre for Study and Research. It produces the initial bibliography used by the Directors of Research and the participants as a basis for their research and further facilitates the work of researchers by providing access to its rich collection before, during and after their stay in The Hague.

During the Winter Courses, the Summer Courses and the Centre, the library extends its opening hours, both on working days and on Saturdays, to enable participants in The Hague to use its vast resources for their research and study goals.