Professors’ Testimonials


Dame Rosalyn Higgins – General Course – Summer 1991

“The Hague Academy is not only a unique experience for students: preparing and delivering lectures is an extraordinary experience for the professors, too. After all, this is the pinnacle of lecturing challenges, with so many exceptional students to interest, so many diverse backgrounds to appeal to, so many problems in having something really fresh to say. To teach at The Hague Academy is an undertaking like no other.”


Prof. Pieter Jan Kuijper – Special Course –  Summer 2015

“The Peace Palace, I came here first as a Dutch student during the 1970’s, know the building very well, but still the atmosphere is special, somewhat awe inspiring. In contrast, I now know that the porcelain sculpture of a group of Polar bears in the central courtyard, donated by Denmark, is carefully packaged every winter because it cannot withstand mild Dutch winter frosts. Preparing bi-lingual power-points and showing them to a friend to have the French corrected if necessary. Talking to the interpreters and realizing once again that we all love the law and its language; its subtlety, its precision, or – sometimes – the intentional lack of it.  Provoking students into asking me questions during my lectures, and succeeding …or not. Having animated discussions after each course with students from everywhere. Sitting in the garden in the sun at lunchtime and having a substantial part of your sandwich snatched away from you by a swooping sea-gull with a wingspan as large as both your arms. It’s all part of The Hague Academy experience.”

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Lavanya Rajamani@4x

Prof. Lavanya Rajamani – Special Course –  Summer 2018

The week I spent at the Academy delivering a Special Course on International Climate Change Law is truly one of the highlights of my academic career. I very much enjoyed engaging with 300 bright, curious, and passionate international lawyers from across the world. I would like to think that my course sparked their interest in one of the defining challenges of our time, and that we will all benefit from skilled international lawyers working on climate change. The Hague Academy experience, of course, goes well beyond the delivery of the course. The Academy staff in particular, were perfect hosts – from the warmth of their welcome to the seamless and efficient organization of the courses – they helped make every moment at the Academy a cherished memory.”

Prof. Rüdiger Wolfrum – General Course –  Winter 2020

Teaching the General Course on Public International  Law in January 2020 was a superb experience and quite a challenge. However, it was first and foremost a pleasure to get engaged in an academic discourse  with so  many interested and interesting students from all over the world. Their questions and comments contributed substantially to the course; I would do such a course again if that would be possible.”

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