The Centre for Studies and Research

Before the Centre

Each year, the Centre is directed by an English-speaking and a French-speaking Director of Research, who are both specialists on the chosen theme. The programme brings together approximately 24 researchers divided into 2 linguistic groups, one English and one French. Interested candidates can submit their applications for the language group of their choice by the indicated deadline on the website. 

Interested applicants must be researchers, whose qualifications should preferably be proven and confirmed by an advanced degree (i.e. PhD or Doctorate). Registration for this programme is free of charge.

In or around the month of September preceding the session of the Centre, the Directors of Research and the Secretary-General of the Academy select the candidates who will participate in the Centre’s work. Each selected researcher is then invited to address a specific sub-topic within the overarching research theme, taking his or her own preferences into account. 

Throughout the entire period preceding the official opening of the Centre at the Academy in The Hague, the Directors and researchers communicate with each other in order to identify the various questions arising out of the sub-topics and to start the research work remotely. In this way, the participants already arrive at the Academy with a preliminary draft article.

Registration for the 2025 Centre are open from 1st July to 15th October 2024.