Mr. Peter Trooboff Awarded Manley O. Hudson Medal

Peter Trooboff, member of the Curatorium of the Academy since 1991, received the Manley O. Hudson Medal on April 5th, during the Assembly meeting of the American Society of International Law’s Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. The Manley O. Hudson Medal is awarded annually by the Society’s Executive Council to a distinguished person of American or other nationality for outstanding contributions to scholarship and achievement in international law. A traditional luncheon in honor of the medalist was organized on April 6th, following which Professor Harold Koh interviewed Mr. Trooboff about his life and his work in the field of international law in front of a room filled with family, friends and colleagues. The Curatorium of the Academy warmly congratulates Mr. Trooboff for obtaining this prestigious award.

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2017 Advanced Course on International Criminal Law

On Monday, November 20th 2017, The Academy opened the third session of its Advanced Course on International Criminal Law with a special focus on International Law and Economic Crime. After the brief welcoming speeches by Professors Jean-Marc Thouvenin, Secretary-General of the Academy, and Carsten Stahn, Professor of International Criminal Law and Global Justice at Leiden University, the opening Keynote Address was delivered by Ms. Kimberley Prost (International Criminal Court, former UN Ombudsperson to the Security Council’s Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee and ICTY ad litem Judge).

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Diploma of the 2017 Summer Courses on Public International Law

Mr. Peter Tzeng, attendee of the 2017 Summer Courses on Public International Law, has been awarded the Diploma of the Academy on Thursday, July 27th, 2017. The Diploma was awarded to him by the jury presided by the Secretary-General of the Academy, Professor Jean-Marc Thouvenin and composed of the following personalities: Professor Brown Weiss and the Directors of Studies, Professor Diane Desierto and Professor Franck Latty.

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Symposium – 8 March 2017

On the occasion of International Women's Day, as established and specifically promoted by the organization of the United Nations, the Academy held a Symposium on "Women's Human Rights and the Elimination of Discrimination on the 8th of March at its premises in The Hague. The event was generously sponsored by the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond Foundation. All speeches and presentations were delivered either in French or in English depending on the speakers’ preferences, with simultaneous interpretation provided by experienced interpreters.

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The Academy Welcomes Its New Secretary-General

As of January 1st, the new Secretary-General of the Academy took office. Professor Jean-Marc Thouvenin, Professor at Paris-Nanterre University, has been appointed by the Academy’s Curatorium to succeed Professor Yves Daudet who occupied this position from 2005 to 2017. A farewell ceremony for Professor Daudet and to welcome Professor Thouvenin is scheduled to take place in the Academy’s Auditorium on Friday 20 January 2017.

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Diploma of the 2016 Summer Courses on Private International Law

The Diploma Ceremony of 2016 Summer Courses on Private International Law was held on August 19th, 2016. Ms. Brooke Adele Marshall (Australia) was awarded the Diploma of the Academy. The jury was presided by the Secretary-General of the Academy Prof. Yves Daudet and composed of Prof. Symeon C. Symeonides and the Directors of Studies Prof. Sabine Corneloup and Prof. Max Scherer.The closing speech of the 2016 Summer Courses was delivered by the Secretary-General, followed by a speech of the President of the Administrative Council, Mr. Bernard Bot, in his honor.

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